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Bela MD +

Discover the innovative face of skin health.

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The fresh embodiment of skin health.

Introducing Bela MD+, a cutting-edge technology revolutionizing the healthcare industry. This advanced system combines state-of-the-art medical capabilities with user-friendly features, providing seamless patient care and enhancing medical professionals’ efficiency. With its innovative design and intuitive interface, Bela MD+ is paving the way for a new era of medical excellence. Experience the future of healthcare with Bela MD+ today.

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Cutting-edge technology offering unparalleled treatment flexibility.


How it works

The functioning of BELA involves an amalgamation of sought-after treatment essentials, including medical-grade dermabrasion, deep cleansing, and serum infusion, alongside muscle stimulation, antioxidant action, and electroporation. This holistic system enhances both the treatment experience and outcomes. By offering customizable treatment options and specialized serum solutions, BELA effectively addresses and safeguards against prevalent skin issues such as aging, dehydration, acne, and photodamage.

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Advanced serum

Cutting-edge serum solutions designed to tackle common skin issues.


BELA bCLEAR Bio-infusion serum helps address acne by reducing excess oil, calms and soothes skin, and restores optimal hydration.


BELA bEVEN Bio-infusion serum helps reduce the appearance of photodamage and pigment such as age spots, evens skin tone, and brightens the complexion.


BELA bBRIGHT Bio-infusion serum helps provide antioxidant action, soothes stressed skin, improves texture, brightens the complexion, and reduces the signs of fatigue.


BELA bCALM Bio-infusion serum helps replenish the skin’s barrier, boosts hydration, reduces water loss, and improves skin’s firmness and elasticity.

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